Caring for the environment

ISO 14001 Certificate

The company Simac Technik ČR, a.s. meets the requirements of environmental management systems according to DIN EN ISO 140001:2005

Caring for the environment is one of the current global challenges. Environmental management systems (EMS) are used as a tool for ensuring the protection of the environment in the organization. An established Environmental management system (EMS) guarantees to all parties (customers, partners, general public and public administration) that the company protects the environment and reduces the impact that its activities may have on the environment.

Environmental Management Policy

Simac Technik ČR, a.s. is engaged in designing, installing and servicing ICT infrastructure. Our main products are technology deliveries to ensure the transmission, distribution and storage of electronic information in customers’ communication systems. No products and activities significantly hazardous to the environment are applied in the implementation of contracts as well as in the daily operation. The main aim of the company Simac Technik ČR, a.s. in the field of environment is ecological waste disposal. In terms of the environmental management system, established in accordance with standard BS EN ISO 14001:2005, the same attention is paid to other environmental aspects of the company’s activities.

The Management of Simac Technik ČR, a.s. is bound by this policy to:

  • comply with legal requirements and other requirements to which the company subscribes, and which relate to its environmental aspects,
  • maintain, develop and continuously improve the environmental management,
  • create conditions for environmental conduct of their employees with the goal of the most considerate attitude towards the environment,
  • systemically ensure maximum protection of the environment during work activities of its employees as well as workers of the subcontracted companies at customer facilities,
  • decide on investment plans with respect to the environment,
  • annually set environmental targets in order to meet this policy, then oversee meeting the target values established in terms of regular annual reviews of the environmental management system,
  • communicate this policy to all persons who work for Simac Technik ČR, as, or on its behalf,
  • exact compliance with environmental policy from its contractual partners.

The management of Simac Technik ČR, a.s. undertakes to create conditions and release the necessary resources for the observance of the principles of environmental policy set above. It expects full support for this commitment from the employees.

We are members of the collective system REMA

We would like this opportunity to officially inform you of Simac Technik ČR’s method and position on the application the Act No. 185/2001 Coll. Waste and Act No. 7 / 2005 Coll. which is based on the European legislation on waste 2002/96/EC, known under the name "Law on electronic waste", which implies that as of 13 August 2005 the importer of goods is obliged to participate in disposal of these devices.

The company Simac Technik ČR, a.s., has become a member of the collective system REMA through which it fulfils its obligation for separate collection, return, processing, use and disposal of electronic devices and / or electronic waste to the extent imposed by law on waste and its implementing regulations.