Quality policy

Our goal is to be the best in the area of providing infrastructure technology to ensure secure communications, storage and processing of our clients’ electronic information. In co-operation with the client‘s professional staff we endeavour to achieve long-term functioning of the data communication system and to ensure maximum satisfaction of all end users. The systems must operate reliably and continuously.

The company Simac Technik CR, a.s. believes that, nowadays, it does not suffice only to provide and install a functional data communication system. It is also necessary to offer the customers complex support service with a data network durability guarantee. In terms of the service contracts, our goal is to assume full responsibility for the smooth operation of the system, preventive maintenance of installed equipment as well as professional growth of the customer technical staff.

The strategic aim of Simac Technik CR, a.s. is co-operation with technology partners who are among the leaders in the field. Selecting partners carefully, we guarantee our customers developmental continuity of installed solutions. In a joint team with internal staff of the customer, we would like to create solid foundation for further conceptual development of the data communication network while respecting the criteria for maximum protection of investment costs incurred.

Our work will always have a friendly, human dimension. Customer-oriented corporate culture leads to the maximum deployment of all available resources to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. The aim is to create a partnership between Simac Technik ČR, a.s. and the customer based on professional trust and long-term positive experience.

The greatest strength of Simac Technik ČR, a.s. consists in knowledge and experience of its personnel. Technical and commercial staff must have sufficient expertise for the design and implementation of individual technical solutions. The company Simac Technik ČR, a.s. will continue to meet strict criteria and requirements of network equipment manufacturers for high quality knowledge and service base, which guarantees the customers provision of services at a high professional level.


Organization security clearance "Classified information protection system"

The Simac Technik ČR, a.s. has passed the organization security clearance at the National Security Authority (NBU) for the level Confidential.

The company has a system of protection of classified information which is processed in accordance with Act No. 412/2005 Coll. for the protection of classified information and security capacity, as amended by Act No. 119/2007 Coll. and its implementing legislation.

Quality management system was introduced in 2000 and since then we have successfully maintained and developed it. We guarantee our customers, suppliers as well as purchasers transparent communication and high quality of all our services.

Caring for the environment is part of the company’s policy. Environmental Management System Certification according to CSN EN ISO 14001:2004 was held in 2005.

Our clients with an established EMS can also widen the scope of the EMS to their supplier – Simac Technik ČR, a.s.