Simac Technik ČR, a.s.

Simac Technik ČR, a.s. is a subsidiary of the Netherlander multinational holding company Simac Techniek N.V. which operates in the European market for information technologies. Our company has operated in the Czech Republic since 1994 and over the time of its operating in the Czech market it has become one of the leading domestic integrators in the area of design, building and service support of the infrastructure of communication technologies, network management and data backup.

The company’s paramount goal is not only to provide our clients with high quality products and services, but also to try and understand their needs on the basis of our long-term experience and thus cooperate closely in determining and subsequent fulfilling thereof.

We want to be the primary and unequivocal choice for every organization that would like to focus on its main business activities, while having a highly reliable and accessible ICT infrastructure at the same time, hence looking for progressive proven and standardized solutions. We are a technologically independent integrator providing services in the ICT environment. System integration offered by our company is about complex fulfilment of customer needs that integrates infrastructure, security, management and applications, with primary respect to system functionality rather than deliveries of third-party products.