Applications and Automation


The UniMoCom Network ® system is highly versatile and is made up of high-tech computer components and specialized system software, implemented under Windows XP Professional, which provides the user with an open application environment that enables you to create another very large custom software.

Basic characteristics:

  • Deals with recording, transmission and processing of video and other digital information from static or mobile workplaces in real time.
  • Video
  • Audio
  • GPS coordinates
  • Environmental data
  • ...
  • Creates a defined hierarchical structure, processing information flows on the horizontal and vertical levels, in accordance with requirements and entitlement of individual workplaces.
  • Workplaces in the UniMoCom Network ® system are static - working autonomously, static - control room and mobile - the vehicles.
  • Workplaces in the UniMoCom Network ® system are dynamically interconnected in large-scale virtual private networks.
  • The communication is bidirectional and in the system it proceeds in real time according to the requirements of vertical and horizontal levels.
  • Every workplace in the UniMoCom Network ® system allows connection of various technical devices such as digital cameras,...
  • The UniMoCom Network ® system utilizes all available communication technologies.
  • The UniMoCom Network ® system guarantees that, with respect to the amount and speed of data transferred, technical resources provided for this purpose are utilized at100%.
  • The UniMoCom Network ® system forms an open application environment for the user.
  • Building units of the UniMoCom Network ® system

Electronic Parking Systems

The basis of the solution is the Lynxx integration platform, which enables the operation of individual modules of Phonixx, Permixx and Sphynxx- These modules provide the power to implement cashless payment from your mobile phone as well as comprehensive management and administration of the entrance and parking cards for residents and corporate clients.

E-Health Solutions

The nurse-patient communication, a solution that is based on the concept of CISCO Unified Communication combines appropriately the communication elements of the CISCO SYSTEMS and third-party end devices (sensors, probes). Application layer is dealt with on the CUAE platform. ViCasa - a solution that is aimed to help older people. The application not only allows the sending of information on health status of the people observed to the central control, but also helps to manage normal household applications such as lighting control, door locks, and heating.

Identity management, directory services

  • With the growing variability and interdependence of individual systems the question of who is who in the electronic world comes forth more and more, being increasingly difficult to answer.
  • There are various approaches to the solution, but it is in principle possible to identify two basic approaches. The first one implements an agent of its own into each end system which modifies the behaviour of routines associated with managing users. Advantage is, for instance, on-line replication of passwords between all managed systems. Inconvenience is the need for modification of the target system, which in a corporate environment means quite high risk and the need for extensive testing.
  • The second approach seeks to maximize capabilities and interfaces of the existing systems and does not modify them in any way. For each system, an adapter is implemented which contains rules on how to map information from the terminal into the system needed for the management. A great advantage is the ability to manage a system which is not explicitly supported. Zero client modification also means much less demanding deployment and increased stability of the resulting system. If, for example, the target systems have safety certifications, they remain valid. We offer this option with the deployment of identity management software products.