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Build your ICT environment with our Easy to use ICT building blocks.Delivering in a dynamic world requires a flexible, cost effective and up-to-date ICT environment for your organization. Thinfactory has created a set of easy-to-use ICT services which can be accessed from anywhere on any device, thats why we call them 'On Demand Services', allowing you to compete with small and large organizations around the globe.

Using our On-Demand Services you can create a complete ICT environment for your organization and benefit from:

  • a SLA driven service
  • a high-availability service
  • a flexible price structure, subscription based, without the need for investments software assurance an automated service request and provisioning platform professional ICT support

 A Czech SLA driven service

For customers to rely on an external service for their business, they need to be sure of the performance and availability of it. That's why we have designed all of our services with a strict SLA (Service Level Agreement) in mind.

We operate with a strict SLA in mind of 99.9% and monitor continues all of our services . In case key performance indicators are getting out of spec, you can count on our professional IT team with broad IT knowledge and experience ensuring enterprise class support (local Prague and Brno support).

Access Anywhere

Today's workplace is more than office desk. Employees work from home, office location, abroad, at the clients premises or even on the road.

Access anywhere requires the right infrastructure and skills. Our On-Demand services are accessible from anywhere and secure, without any pre-requirements on the hardware of your choice -desktop, laptop or mobile device using any kind of network connection, LAN, WAN or Mobile wireless connection highly secure and maintaining the integrity of your network.

A flexible price structure, subscription based, without the need for investments.

With our On-Demand services you typically pay a subscription fee on a per user per month basis and only for the services you use, it can ot be easier. That's why we call it flex pricing. With our On-Demand services organizations do not have to make large investments and can profit from an affordable and scalable solution in line with their business. Our On-Demand services deliver you the lowest cost of ownership spread over the life of your contract including the right to use the latest software licenses.

Professional ICT support

We are committed to deliver you a professional support and keeping 'the lights on'. You do not have to worry about keeping pace with technological changes and recruiting the required skills. Our technical team is available for you via telephone, mail or if necessary even on-premises.