Financing projects

EU Funds

SIMAC TECHNIK ČR a.s. belongs to a minority of technology firms that actively help their customers find and exploit opportunities to obtain funding from the EU funds. In the current programming period (note. 2007-13) more than 750 billion crowns have been allocated for projects in various areas. SIMAC offers consulting services in obtaining these funds.

Financing projects

Thanks to our financial partners, we enable our customers to finance projects aimed at the purchase and implementation of new IT resources by means of Financial leasing – it is a finance lease with a purchase option. It is a service where the client (lessee) uses the leased asset in the long term, paying in the form of lease payments. The leased asset is owned by the leasing company and after the end of the lease agreement and payment of residual value its ownership is transferred to the lessee if the lessee exercises the right to purchase the leased asset. The duration of the lease contract in the case of financial lease is defined by the Act on Income Tax according to the depreciation group of the least asset. Thanks to the amendment of this law (from 20 July 2009 to 30 June 2010) the minimum lease term is 2 years (for the 2nd depreciation group - cars ...), and, in the case of the 3rd depreciation group, it is 1 year (IT technology, SW,....).
Financing your projects does not have to be limited by the rules of finance leasing – we can help you choose the most appropriate method of financing such as hire-purchase, re-leasing or other financial products.

Specialized training/education learning (description, reference)

Simac offers training on a wide range of technologies that cut across the whole issue of data communications (from the area of Routing / Switching to Security, VOIP, WiFi to VMWare). The training is carried out by technicians who are certified in the given technology and who have extensive practical experience of the individual projects, installation, device testing and service interventions.
The training can be conducted both at customer’s site and in SIMAC premises, where a well-equipped demo lab can be used.