Network, systems and applications management

Tools for monitoring and managing networks, systems, applications and services are an integral part of every healthy business information system. Simac Technik offers the experience of its consultants in a broad range of solutions from single-purpose tools to the deployment of large systems of the Tivoli / Openview type. Suggested solutions include all the important aspects of supervision and management of ICT, including the optimization of existing instruments, integration into the environment or additions and modifications of the instruments according to customer requirements.

Logging and evaluation of security incidents

A software solution that aggregates, analyzes and evaluates data and information from the logs of security features, application systems and communication infrastructure elements should be part of any broader ICT (and not only ICT) environment. Similar solutions enable not only the identification of security incidents, including appropriate responses to these events, but also management and biorization of records, warnings and alerts. The SIMAC TECHNIK ČR a.s. consultants offer implementation of products oriented at log and security management from producers such as CISCO, NORTEL and SYMANTEC.