Comprehensive ICT security, Internet security, Intranet

Complete security of customer information systems is always proposed with respect to the environment and specific needs of the customer. The basic building blocks are security gateways (firewalls), IDS / IPS, anti-spam systems, URL filtering, anti-virus systems, data leak prevention (DLP), strong authentication, PKI, secure remote IPSec / SSL access, regular penetration tests and more.

Secure Virtual Private Networks

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology for secure remote access and / or connection of remote locations using an encrypted connection via the Internet. They are based on PISec (or SSL) protocols and represent economically more advantageous, safe alternative to leased lines or similar "original" technologies, which have been used to build WANs.

Solutions for OTP (one time password) authentication of remote access

Simac Technik’s own solutions to generate one-time passwords are an extension of the Cisco SSL VPN system for remote client access to internal information systems. One-time passwords are sent in the form of SMS messages or via e-mail. After successful authentication, the client is redirected to a customized Web portal (Platform ASA5500).